2 Corinthians 10:5 We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.

When we acknowledge God is present everywhere in the universe, from creation to infinity, we understand that He created our minds and hearts to perpetually dwell on Him. We draw life and peace from the indwelling Spirit. And so, when we look to the beauty of His creation (as in a sunset), we are reminded to take our thoughts captive to Christ, who created the sunset and all of our beautiful creation. Such thoughtful admiration is life giving. God helps us demolish the stronghold, human thoughts filled with fear and decay with the power of His Spirit who brings our thoughts captive to Christ, the embodiment of life and peace. Let your mind and heart see Christ in all of creation, including you, and be at peace.

2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come.

I heard a wonderful analogy: if our acceptance of Christ and conversion is like a wedding, then our salvation is like a marriage. God is saving us from our new birth in Christ through eternity! Salvation is a relationship and a process. God is so patient in His love, transforming us over a lifetime into a new creature in Christ! The old, sinful, worldly creatures we once were are being rescued and transformed into new, Christlike creatures, as God uses our suffering and His suffering on the cross and resurrection, to redeem us our whole lives. When God looks at us, His children, He sees Christ! And, He is transforming us to be like His Son: unconditionally loving, constantly extending grace and forgiveness, trusting in His daily provision to meet our needs, relying on the promises in His Word, receiving strength in our weakness, finding refuge in His protection, and having His everlasting hope in our hearts! Christ’s life is the light of the world and our daily salvation!

2 Timothy 1:7 For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.

God’s children are empowered by His Spirit, fortified with His love, and guided by His wisdom. The fruit of His Spirit manifested in our lives is love and self-control. Fear and anxiety are not of God. When we are tempted to be anxious about the future or fearful about our present circumstances, we can turn inward to God’s living Spirit for resurrection power, eternal love, and self-control to overcome any obstacle. We have God’s powerful, loving, guiding Spirit present in our hearts. May this promise that we are empowered and loved by God’s Spirit to overcome all fear…bring peace and serenity.

Galatians 5:1  It was for freedom that Christ set us free; therefore keep standing firm and do not be subject again to a yoke of slavery.
May the cross be a reminder of your freedom to be your God-created self, full of God’s love, hope and light. Christ died and resurrected to set you free from your false self, with its self-criticism, selfishness, hopelessness and small-mindedness. If your self perception is not in union with God’s unconditional love, ask God to work on your lens to see more of Him and how He loves..and less of self and selfish desires. He wants you to be free in Christ to live more joyfully and love more fully through Him! The cross is for your freedom and it is because of God’s love! 

Sculpted by God 

Acts 17:29 Being then the children of God, we ought not to think that the Divine Nature is like gold or silver or stone, an image formed by the art and thought of man.
We, as God’s children, holy and dearly loved, are His artistic masterpieces, emanating from the Kingdom of Heaven.   Our very souls are sculptures formed and inspired by the heart and mind of the Creator of the universe. We recognize that we are filled with God’s Spirit from infancy to eternity, nurtured with God’s goodness, covered with His grace, and enveloped in His love so that we may always see, with eyes of faith, the glory of our Creator God.

God’s Passion for Us

1 JOHN 4:19 We love because God FIRST loved us.

God loves first. Love is Who God is. Because of His very Being of love, God saved us, through His Son. He gave everything to be in relationship with us. God feels passion for us.  He longs for us to be in relationship with Him. He desires our whole hearts.  His love is relentless. He will constantly pursue our hearts. He loves us so. 


Hebrews 7:25 Therefore he is able to save completely those who come to God through him, because he always lives to intercede for them.

Christ is our life-saver, causing us to rise above the tumultuous tides of worldliness.  He lifts us to heavenly realms, where God’s Presence reigns.  He saves us completely from our false selves that are lured into temptations of self-sufficiency and separation from God. He makes us whole by interceding for us to our Father God and connecting us in love. His salvation brings warmth, comfort and hope.