Acts 20:32   “I’m now entrusting you to God and to the message of his grace, which is able to build you up and secure for you an inheritance among all who are sanctified.”

The gospel of God’s grace – unearned and unmerited redemption through Christ’s death and resurrection – is the power of salvation for us who believe with our heads, hearts and experiences. We know God through how He has created us: intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and experiential. He cares for our every need and builds our faith.  Let us entrust our lives to Christ’s care and see Him deliver us, set us apart, and secure for us our sanctification, together with all the saints. We are being prepared for sainthood by God’s grace. We need to entrust our relationships, our fears and our dreams to God; He is trustworthy, good and gracious. He wants us to live a full life in Jesus Christ here and now.
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Photo: Loire Valley, France


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