In Relationship 

Whatever you do to others, you do to me” (Matthew 25:40)

“I and the Father are one” (John 10:30)

The Spirit is within you” (John 14:17)

In everything you do, treat others exactly as you would have them treat you” (Matthew 7:12)

God is all about relationship.  These four passages highlight the relationships between God and Jesus, Jesus and us, the Spirit and us, and, lastly, others and us.  We are called to follow in the unity relationship between God and Jesus, as we are empowered by God’s loving, Indwelling Spirit. By following Him, we see others rightly with His eyes of love and grace; so, we love unconditionally ourselves and others, and God Himself experiences our love.  We become conduits of God’s flowing love as we pour out ourselves in relationship with Him. 

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Photo: Riverbend Church, Austin, TX

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