Rock and Redeemer 

Psalm 19:14  Oh Lord, My Rock and My Redeemer

Biblical names for God reveal His character and relationship to His people.  When the Psalmist alludes to God as his Rock, he conveys God’s strength, resilience and fortitude amidst the currents of life’s suffering, hardship and oppression.  God will not be moved in His mercy for His people.  When the Psalmist relates to God as Redeemer, he knows God calls him by name, and His love is intimate, personal and saving.   His redemption is our solid foundation.  God is forever our strength and salvation. Though the tides of evil try to erode the truth of God’s eternal, saving love for us so that we feel weakness and weariness in this world, we can call on our God to be our endless source of strength, shelter and salvation.  Pray for Him to be your Rock of Mercy and the Redeemer of your soul. He is Lord; be strong in His love. 
Photo: Baths of Virgin Gorda, BVI

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