How to Pray with the Mind of Christ 

From Richard Rohr’s Daily Meditation:  If you are able to switch minds to the mind of Christ, your prayer has already been answered! That new mind knows, understands, accepts, and sees correctly, widely, and wisely. Its prayers are always answered because they are, in fact, the prayers of God. True prayer is always about getting the “who” right. Who is doing the praying? Is it you, or is it God in you? Is it the little you or the Christ Consciousness? The contemplative mind prays from a different sense of who-I-am. It rests and abides in the Great I AM, and draws its life from the Larger Vine (John 15: 4-5), the Deeper Well (John 4:10-14) 4: 10- 

Paul puts it this way: “You are hidden with Christ in God. When Christ is revealed–and he is your life–you too will be revealed in all your glory within him” (Colossians 3:3-4). Basically prayer is an exercise in divine participation–you opting in and God always there!

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