In Whom we place our confidence 

Philippians 3:3  ….We serve God by his Spirit…[and] boast in Christ Jesus, and… put no confidence in the flesh

Pride in God; place your whole trust, hope and confidence in Christ. Be proud to serve our mighty Creator and Savior.  His Spirit enables us to serve God with fullness of trust, love and pride.  Watch and observe His Spirit working on your self-pride, in order to transform your being into  greater confidence in Christ.  As ego and pride in self diminishes, Christ’s love emerges fully.  There is more room for God, when there is less room for self. In the name of God’s love and transformative grace, let God’s Spirit create open space in your heart for trusting love and pride in God.  

As U2 sings in Pride:  In the name of love. What more in the name of love. 

Photo: U2 at Madison Square Garden


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